How to avoid cyber criminals taking advantage of QR codes for hacking?

You may have heard the name QR Code. QR code is being used in many works now. Even in Nepal, the use of QR code for digital transactions is being used to a significant extent. QR codes are found in stores. There are many things hidden inside this QR code.

The QR code is also placed on the outer shell of a product to give more information about the product. QR codes are also used for downloading apps, digital payments, personal details.

A lot of information is hidden in a small code that cannot be clearly seen. The link to download the app can also be obtained with the help of this code.

In addition, QR codes are being used for digital payments. QR codes are now being used for many uses in many jobs.

The full form of QR code is Quick Response Code. This code can be easily read by mobile phones. Spacing is created using matrix barcodes.

How much information can be retrieved once the QR code is scanned? It can be used in large industries, large businesses, retail stores and many other places. The QR code can store 7,089 digits and 4,296 characters, including punctuation marks and special characters.

The structure of the QR code includes its copies in the data keys. As a result, 30 percent of the code structure is not compromised without affecting the readability of the scanners.

According to Juniper Research, 1.5 billion people have used the QR code. But even QR codes that are useful in so many things are causing problems for users nowadays. The number of hackers using QR codes is increasing day by day.

Cyber ​​threats hidden within the QR code

QR codes can cause phishing problems. Hackers leave codes on a wall, in a room, or on a computer screen that can be scanned to reach malicious sites.

This process is also called QRL jacking. Even at bus stops or other crowded places, hackers use phishing stickers.

Another method is cushing. This leads users to fake versions of popular websites. There, hackers steal such information by forcing users to enter their login ID. Hackers also use free Wi-Fi networks to scan QR codes.

This allows the attacker to quietly steal banking and credit card information. By removing the paper of the original QR code, hackers also keep their harmful QR code.

Please pay attention before scanning

Before scanning a QR code in a public bag, you need to consider whether the QR code company looks genuine. You also need to consider whether the code you have scanned shows up in the actual URL.

You can avoid hacking if you install security updates on your device in time. Many users are not aware that they should not scan the QR code wherever they find it, even though they are careful not to click when an unknown link appears.

Protecting corporate devices

Businesses and IT admins should check their site and app from time to time. This will let you know if your QR code has been hacked.

All corporate devices should also have multi-factor authentication, which makes the site even more secure. Currently, hacking through QR codes is on the rise.

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