Why Internet Must Be Tax Free In All Over The World

Why Internet Must Be Tax Free In All Over The World

All kinds of business have to pay taxes to the state. The state also gives tax exemption to any business as per the need. There is a reference that the current government is moving forward with the slogan of Digital World. Accordingly, various action plans have come. Every service is becoming online friendly. The state is developing its own structures to connect every citizen with information technology. In this context where the use of information technology is becoming mandatory, internet service needs to be made easy and accessible, but our journey has not been smooth.

The reference is to the increase in internet charges paid by the general public from July 20. After the government decided to charge the telecommunication service fee from the internet service provider, the internet fee paid by the public will become 13 percent more expensive. Last year, the government increased the fees. At the time, the government and Internet service providers agreed not to increase Internet charges. But after the service provider again decided to charge the government from the customers from July 1, the customers have to use expensive internet. 

The country as a whole cannot achieve the expected results when taxes are levied on services like internet. Therefore, the state should make the internet free for all citizens, not taxes. Failure to do so should create an environment where every citizen can use the internet at low cost by exempting taxes. Only by doing this will the state’s campaign for building a digital Nepal be successful.

The Government of Nepal is moving ahead with the announcement of making government offices paperless. From the local government to the central government, everyone has given first priority to the use and development of information technology. They are making all the works technology friendly. The concept of smart city is moving forward. For this, the state should not only make its structures technology friendly, but also create an environment where every citizen can use the technology in a comfortable and simple way.

The state cannot become technology friendly without the use of technology by the common man in a simple, easy and accessible way. The Internet is a means to an end for the general public. Without the Internet, citizens will not be able to access or use anything. The Internet is the backbone of information technology. Therefore, the Internet should be made universally accessible.

According to the latest statistics of the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the number of internet users has reached 15 million. In this age of changing information technology, the use of information technology has become as essential as the basic needs of the individual. In a situation where a country which cannot use and develop information technology cannot move forward in the pace of development, the state should provide easy and convenient access to information technology for every citizen, only then development can take place.

Therefore, in order to provide easy and convenient access to information technology to every citizen, the Internet should be made universally accessible. The state should not tax the internet but make it free for all citizens. Even if you can’t do that, you should provide internet at low cost. Only then can the country make a leap in information technology and move forward at the pace of rapid development.

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