IT Education Future: Which Course and Where to study?


IT Education Future Which Course and Where to study

Most people are moving abroad because of the lack of opportunities in Nepal. but as the 21st century and the world continue to perform wonderful miracles in science, how long will we Nepalis continue to be enslaved in the Gulf? And how long will the state sustain its existence with remittances? In order to truly change the face of the country and live a dignified modern life, it is time for both the state and the citizens to think once and for all.

It has been many years since the window was opened saying that there is immense potential in energy and tourism. However, the country and the people are still alive. Even though it has never been given top priority, there is one sector which has not only rapidly created employment in Nepal, but has also created potential for the country’s prosperity. Today we are discussing the potential of IT sector and its potential in Nepal.

“The field of information technology and its opportunities are huge. We have knowledge of many careers and we also have some awareness about new career paths. Along with reading, it is important to know which field we like and embrace, and what are the possibilities of working in that field in Nepal and abroad.”

 Along with the development and expansion of internet in Nepal, the form of employment has also started to change a lot. As a result, traditional jobs are gradually being replaced by new types of jobs. At the same time, new and competitive employment is being created by making full use of modern information technology. No matter what faculty the students study in, from somewhere they come to join IT institute.

In this story, we have included those who are different from their mainstream and come forward as a career. The success of any individual is not due to the contribution of his family and educational environment. For that, it is equally important that the person has the ability to be patient, experimental knowledge, favorable environment and ability to take risks.

The field of information technology and its opportunities are huge. We have knowledge of many careers and we also have some awareness about new career paths. Along with reading, it is important to know which field we like and embrace, and what are the possibilities of working in that field in Nepal and abroad. Looking at the current situation, there is a need for hardworking manpower in the field of information technology, i.e. IT, both domestically and internationally.

P.D. of Pulchowk Engineering Institute. According to Suvarna Shakya, IT is mainly divided into software and hardware. There are many supporting fields in it, in which a good career can be made.

“IT is a huge field in itself. But even in countries that have reached the peak of IT development, it is difficult to find the required manpower. It is said that one person is equal to 10 jobs in IT sector. Manpower is still insufficient as per the demand for work. One person has to do a lot of IT work.”

 What are the courses?

The main IT courses offered by Tribhuvan University are BSc, CSIT, and BIM. Eastern University has an undergraduate level in Computer Engineering, Computer Applications (BCA), Computer Applications (Hons), and BIT. BE (Computer Engineering) is the main IT program of Kathmandu University.

Similarly, the undergraduate IT courses of Pokhara University include Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Engineering in Information Technology, Software Engineering and Computer Applications. Similarly, British College in Kathmandu, Islington College, Softwareka College, and Informatics College in Pokhara has been providing IT programs to foreign universities including UK.

What is your IT career?

IT is a huge field in itself. But even in countries that have reached the peak of IT development, it is difficult to find the required manpower. It is said that one person is equal to 10 jobs in IT sector. Manpower is still insufficient as per the demand for work. One person has to do a lot of IT work.

As the current IT companies are advancing in coordination with DCPLE i.e. Design, Language, Marketing, Statistical Analysis and Management etc., there is no compulsion to study IT in order to get a job in IT companies. IT students don’t just have to become software engineers. Apart from this, by engaging in gaming, interface design, etc., one can earn a lot from one’s skills and creativity. IT students can find work in many industries, such as software industry, financial institutions, healthcare, corporate organizations. Some of the ongoing career areas are good for IT students. Some of them are mentioned below.

Based on a survey of software development and testing

career cast, the most sought after jobs in the global market right now are software development and testing. . Software developers can use any platform, such as VB. Net, Visual Basic (VB), Java, PHP, Delphi, Oracle, Business Intelligence etc.

Nowadays software companies have developed a lot. Software companies are succeeding in occupying a very large place in the world market. Dozens of software companies are doing a good job in Nepal as well. Software companies including Deerwalk, Ditu Hakai, Yomiuri, Fwan Soft and others are working for hundreds of Nepali manpower at a good salary. Companies including Mercantile, Info Developers and Midas are working in the field of banking, finance and education within Nepal. Those who make a career within Nepal can have a good platform in this and other companies.

Web Developer and Designer

The job of a web developer is to develop websites and web applications. Web developers can use any programming language. Such as PHP, SSP Net, SSP, JSP Paypal, Rubian Rails etc. PHP and have a large area in Nepal. Most software companies consider PHP to be a platform. PHP web developers can earn big bucks by specializing in open source software such as Jumla WordPress, Duplicate Magento. Knowledge of PHP frameworks like Zend, Kodelnitter, Cake is good for PHPs. Software companies in Nepal are in dire need of PHP developers.

The job of a web designer is to design a website. To become a web designer you need to have knowledge of Photoshop / Firefox HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Security. Attractive websites cannot be created without a web designer being creative. Many young people are now involved in web developers and designers in Nepal. Across the country, more than a hundred companies are providing web development facilities. There are also many home-based outsourcers. In web development and designing in Nepal, there is a situation where people are getting a minimum salary of Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000.

Interface design

smartphones have now become an integral part of man. Now smartphones are doing more than just a desktop. According to tech pundits, by 2015, mobiles will completely replace desktops and laptops for Internet access. So now the websites to be created should be mobile websites. The main task of interface design is to design the interface of the website. An interface designer should be able to design according to the needs of the user.

Animation and QFX

Animation is a career that has not been affected by the economic downturn in the world market. That is why the inclination of the youth towards this career is increasing day by day. Various religious and historical films and documentaries are also based on animation. Whether it’s designing a variety of commercials or making cartoons, the use of animation in new technology movies is on the rise. Due to this, its area is getting wider. Most of the people who come to this field should not forget two things, that is – the scope of time and work behind the scenes.

If you want to build your career in this field, you should pay attention to the following. Must have creative ability, ability to learn new things, ability to withstand pressure, confidence and inclination towards art. There is a good potential for animation in Nepal. Companies like Maya and Blackbox are also providing animation services internationally. Blackbox has said that it is doing animation up to Hadiwood. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application means software and various applications required for mobile. These applications come in the form of phone phones, but now that the use of the Internet has increased, various companies have begun to build app stores. In this store, users can upload their own applications. It’s not free, but it’s not too expensive. In this way users can make a good career by developing applications according to their ability.

Mobile application development is one of the most sought after and fastest growing careers today. As mobile devices change, so do our access to business, communication, and information. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

The number of mobile application developers is increasing in Nepal. The Microsoft Innovation Center is also conducting trainings for mobile applications. Companies including Ncell are running national level app camps. About 2 dozen companies are running mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows. However, due to the fact that smartphones are still not universally available in Nepal and the public and private sectors have not paid much attention to market promotion, the market for mobile applications has not been able to rise much.


Gaming means playing games and making games. In order to create any game, the user must have a good knowledge of C ++ and Java. At the same time, it is important to have the ability to be patient. If you want to make a career out of it, it is best to start with software like Game Engine Designer which is available on the internet for free like Unit. If you want to play a game, it is easier to get help from a local agent. Online game competitions are now taking place with the help of internet. Engamers has been competing in the country’s biggest gaming for the past four years.

Nepal seems to be completely dependent on outsourcing to play the game. The main problem now is the absence of local agents. Even companies based abroad are not only outsourcing to Nepal with a lot of thought, but also with a lot of research and development. Therefore, it is better to make a career in self-study at the beginning and then pursue an advanced course with the help of an institute.

System Administrator

A system administrator is a person responsible for managing an organization’s IT resources and materials. An organization needs people to set up server PC network, internet, backup, security and check. System administrators have great opportunities in ISPs, NGOs, INGOs, software companies, schools and colleges. Educational courses like CCMA, CCMP, SCSA, MCSA, MCSE can be studied to become a system administrator.

System Analyst

system analyst is responsible for the entire study of a system. They prepare the details of the software. Systems analysts have to deal with problem finding, solution finding, software and system recovery, and integrating development with business. They also help programmers develop software. The demand for such skilled manpower in Nepal’s software companies is increasing day by day.

Project or Plan Manager

It is the job of the plan manager to manage the given projects or plans. It is the job of the plan manager to coordinate the communication plan with his clients and coordinate the management team, share the plan work with the team members and keep track of the progress of the plan.

SEO / SMM specialist

IT professionals can also work as specialists in search engine optimization and social media marketing. They need a lot of skills for online business and marketing, by listing them in search engine results. They can use social media and networking tools like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.


Developer To be a database developer you need to have a good knowledge of database design, SQL as they help build software, websites and web applications. The running database system has databases like MySQL, Oracle, MMSQL. You need to be proficient in these programs in order to work on the database. There is a good demand for database developers in Nepal. Companies including Ditu Hakai are also publishing a lot of vacancies for database developers. If the work of data center, data warehouse, data mining goes ahead in Nepal, it will be an area of ​​great potential.

QA (Quality Assurance) 

Quality assurance offices work to ensure that the quality of software and web applications is good and their main job is to make sure that the software is good in quality. Only a few big companies are doing QA in Nepal.


Writer It is the responsibility of the Technical Writer to document software and web applications and to create usage manuals.

There are many other careers for IT students, such as graphics designer, system administrator, system engineer, database administrator, network engineer, animator, ethical hacker, network security specialist, hardware engineer and many more. Nowadays more and more new types of careers are emerging where there are boundless opportunities. While living in Nepal, some writers are writing articles on international websites. Although this area has not been developed in Nepal for a long time, the potential is good.

Social Media Management

Social media management is about connecting with everyone and sharing information together. Although it is not widely used in Nepal, new companies are increasingly employing skilled manpower in social media management under the social media policy. A person who has studied management faculty is considered qualified to make a career in it. The right use of social media is to do online marketing, Gmail marketing. Cloud computing and other big companies in Nepal have started giving space to social media management.

What to pay attention to?

You need to have a good knowledge of the subject.

You have to be passionate about it.

Must have the ability to work in a team.

There had to be creative power.

I had to have the power to think outside the book.

There had to be artistic knowledge.

We had to not give up even when we lost.

Where is the scope?

Based on conversations with experts, there is a huge market for software in Nepal. Its scope is also wide as it can be easily exported to the world market. Here is a long list of outsourcing companies. The demand for mobile application developers and network administrators has increased. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals in Nepal. Nepal still lacks skilled manpower.

There is a huge scope of website development in Nepal. Who can start work from a computer at home. Outsourcing is more likely. Dituhakai, Deerwalk, based in Nepal, has shown great potential in software development. Deerwalk has said that it will employ a thousand engineers in a few years. Similarly, the scope of IT is more in internet and mobile service providers.

Companies like NTC, Ncell, Worldlink, Subisu, Broadlink have provided employment to many. Similarly, thousands have found employment in call centers. The demand for IT experts is also increasing in the banking sector. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of hackers hacking websites and software. Even in the government sector of Nepal, there is more demand for IT technicians than before. The Public Service Commission has also started demanding computer engineers and IT.

Thus, the demand for IT is increasing in every sector. IT expert P.D. Suvarna Shakya says, ‘It is time to be a programmer or a manager in IT, now is the time to do something on your own. Just like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg. ‘

What college to choose?

There are IT programs from Nepali universities to foreign universities to study IT education. Such IT programs are being taught by government campuses and private colleges. But when choosing a college, it is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Affiliation and accreditation
  • Facilitation and Academic Support
  • Internship and professional training
  • Type-up and placement with IT industry
  • study expenses
  • Use of labs and technology
  • Results and Performance
  • IT career and scope

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