Telecom’s voice pack, Rs 265 for 500 minutes of talk time on any network

Nepal Telecom is going to provide affordable all net voice packs that can be communicated on the network of any service provider.

While maintaining the various types of onnet voice packs currently available, it is going to provide various types of all net voice packs at affordable prices with additional facilities.

In addition, keeping in mind the needs of the customers, the company has been offering various types of Easy Unlimited Postpaid Packs, Easy Unlimited Prepaid Packs and CUG Packs to make them more customer friendly and attractive.

According to the new arrangement, a 28-day pack of up to 500 minutes of communication on any network will cost Rs. 265 and a 35-day pack that can talk for up to 1,200 minutes costs Rs. Available at 550.

Similarly, Unlimited All Net Day Voice Pack for talking from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm and Unlimited All Net Night Pack for unlimited talking on any service provider’s network from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am for a total of Rs. Can be purchased at Rs.

In addition, from 5 am to 5 pm, Rs. 12 to 30 minutes and Rs. The All Net Day Voice Pack, which allows you to talk on any network for 120 minutes in 15 minutes, will also be available.

The easy unlimited postpaid and prepaid packs being provided by the company have been made more attractive. Rs. In 599, unlimited communication within the company’s network has been added to the pack with the facility to talk for 250 minutes on the network of other service providers.

Now Rs. The 599 will allow unlimited calls to the company’s network and 250 minutes of calls to other networks or 1 GB of data per day. Also, Rs. The 799 pack includes unlimited communication within the company’s network, allows up to 500 minutes of communication and 200 messages on other service providers’ networks.

This pack can even run 1 GB of data per day. Rs. 999 and Rs. With the 1499 pack, unlimited communication will be possible in the network within the company and from now on, unlimited communication facility will be available in the network of other service providers (All Net Unlimited).

Similarly, these packs have the facility to send 2 GB and 4 GB data per day and 400 and 1000 all net messages respectively. These packs will be available for 30 days on postpaid mobiles and 28 days on prepaid mobiles.

New packs can be purchased from 17th March, 2078 to 4th of Baishakh, 2079. The various other packs that the company is already providing are still there. The company is confident that all customers and dignitaries will benefit from this offer.

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