WordPress available in 100% Nepali to make it easier to run in Nepalese Language

Don’t know how to build a website in wordpress or have fun running a website without learning English Language? If so, now there is no doubt that WordPress can be a helpful medium for you WordPress version 4.7 is now available in 100% Nepali Prior to this, WordPress 4.0 version was available in 100% Nepali If you are running your website from WordPress and you are having problems with English language, you can change the language to Nepali by going to the admin dashboard settings right now. After that you will get everything in Nepali.

If you have Nepali news portals operated in WordPress, websites providing services related to Nepali language or personal blogs in Nepali, WordPress has also been converted to Nepali to make it easier to run in Nepali.

At the WordPress related event held in Kathmandu on May 20, all the participants thanked WordPress for bringing WordPress into Nepali. Many translators helped to make WordPress 100% Nepali Nilambar Sharma has played a major role in Nepalization of WordPress, while Shiva Shankar Bhatt, Chandra Maharjan, Shandilya Kafle, Santosh Kunwar, Manish Path, Hemraj Adhikari, Vijay Yadav, Sudip Balchhodi, Manish Timalsina and many others have contributed.

Nilambar Sharma, one of the translators, said, “Everyone’s support has played an important role in translating WordPress into Nepali, and we hope that we can easily change each version in the coming editions as well.” In order to translate WordPress into Nepali, many online meetings, meetings and interactions as well as WordPress meet were organized. Words that he did not know how to translate into Nepali were changed with the help of everyone Similar work will be carried out in the translation of the next edition. ”

“In fact, this is not something that can be done alone and no matter how difficult it was for us to know which English word to say in Nepali, we went ahead with the advice of linguists,” says Shiva Shankar Bhatt, another translator. I know the word. ”

What is WordPress after all?

When you run WordPress in Nepali, it will be easier for you, the Nepali language will be recognized in the world market Therefore, in the coming editions, the identity of Nepali language can be preserved by translating 100% into Nepali. For that, the support of all WordPress users and those who love WordPress is indispensable.

Creating a website from WordPress is easy, fast, good and less hassle-free, making it one of the world’s leading websites. The attraction is also due to the fact that there is a lot of information or knowledge about the technology and it can be used easily. According to a statistic, WordPress is used to create the majority of websites that are being created in Nepal. It is estimated that only 27% of the websites in the world of internet are created from WordPress and there is no doubt that it is increasing day by day.

Thanks to the usefulness, simplicity of WordPress and the active support of the WordPress community, it is easy for anyone to create a website in WordPress. It is also widely used as a free open source software WordPress is getting more and more advanced day by day due to free themes, plugins and support.

The network of WordPress is also large in Nepal The WordPress network is also expanding in Nepal as the WordPress camps held every year, the monthly WordPress Meetings in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other places attract new participants.

There are still hundreds of companies in Nepal that are running the company by creating a website from WordPress, outsourcing work. Many WordPress themed companies are now operating in Nepal There are also individuals / companies in Nepal who earn millions a month by selling WordPress plugins There are many people who use WordPress to earn their living, who also get thousands of monthly salary facility from WordPress. Nepal has also been able to leave a good impression in the global market of WordPress That is also a matter of happiness for all of us

To connect with the WordPress Nepal community, you can join WordPress Nepal’s Facebook group You can use that group to get the advice and support you need to Visit

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